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A hearing device that takes in noises outside of the human hearing range and increases the volume such that you hear like a cat. Noises considered to be louder than normal or noises that are annoying will be scaled down by a factor proportional to how far above the safety it is. For example, a 200-decibel shotgun blast will be scaled down to a noise similar to that of popcorn popping whilst a jackhammer would be scaled down to a noise something like an electric drill. Noises or sound waves that are below the human’s range of hearing will be amplified to an acceptable volume at which us humans can hear. For example, a sound below 0 dB, which is lower than our range of hearing, will be amplified to around 40 dB, which will be adjusted higher or lower depending on the other noise intakes. We might also have a way to sense if the sound they are hearing is someone else’s voice. Therefore, it is more necessary to hear.

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