This we week we were able to accomplish all of our goals.

The hardware team was able to print our first prototype for out phone case. It dint work so we had to edit it and now it is good.

The software team was able to make the website and app look much better than our wire frame.

The business team was able to come up with an idea and a logo      Our new name is now shift

week 8 activities


Hardware:Trying to connect  the up move to IFTT

Business: Figure out incentives, social/or economic insensitive adn logo. Michael, Dimitri,Jonathon

Web interface: Create a basic layout using the wire frame, update if necessary, and start making the app in html  Ryan,Shameiz

3d Design Team: Making a mock up of what our product will look like



Week 6 Activities






Our task today was to come up with a business idea and ideas for the software of our product.

What we don’t know yet

-How will we ensure that the TTC makes revenue from the product (used only during peak hours).

-How will the discounts and point system work.

-Design and function of app and bracelet.

-How we will obtain funding.

-How user movement will be tracked (GPS, satellite, etc.).

-How will bracelets be funded and built efficiently.



-Tracks route taken and gives options.

-Gives incentives to bike or walk such as discounts for TTC.

-Shows time taken for each route and lets them choose.

-Updates route data and notifies user when data is changed.

-Analyzes user’s travel habits and encouraging them to visit local businesses.



-Encourage users to bike or walk during peak TTC hours.

-Show ads or profiles of local businesses on the way.


Core Goal: To encourage people to use more eco-friendly methods of transportation.



-Hardware functions necessary: GPS, nfc chip for payment?



-Calculate the best route to a destination and show where traffic is

-Use push notifications to constantly update the user about their tripa

-Shows promotions for local businesses along the route

-Receive information about travel from bracelet and calculate using points system

-Analyzes user’s travel patterns and adjusts route and ad showings

-Allows the user to save frequently used locations such as home or school so they can use them often

-Can be used to display useful statistics that encourage them to use eco-friendly methods of transportation such as being a fitness and energy saving tracker



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