Week 11

  • the app/website has been finalized/completed
  • presentation process has been started, structure/skeleton has been completed
  • adjustments are to be made by next week
  • coding for hardware to software has been done
  • prototype is still to be but close to completion

Week 9

  • Hardware on prototype set up, now must work on getting user inputted data to a database
    • Implement use of firebase to store hardware data – firebase requires webhooks, prototyping with IfTTT/google docs instead
  • Cardboard prototype model created, almost completed
  • App Prototype on Thimble coming along well, some issues with the program in saving files
  • Business Presentation Skeleton completed, currently working on the Google Slides Presentation

Week 8 Progress


During week 8


  • Completed BMC chart
  • Created a structure of our app using Lumzy
  • Decided a colour scheme- Blue and Yellow, for our app and logo
  • Hardware-Completed the PSEUDO code and a flow chart
  • Started creating our app on Thimble Mozilla
  • Completed the structure of sign up page, credit card information page, home page, log in page (CSS still needs to be completed & more pages are to be finalized) 
  • Logo has been created


int timeCounter = 0;

int counter = 0;

bool pressure = false;

// recorded in Newtons of Force

double pressureValue;





if (pressureValue >= (minimum force of car tire and above parts))


pressure = true;



//if pressure is true then, it will add one value to the tire count

if (pressure == true)


tireCounter ++;

//if tire count is equal to 2 then it will add 1 to the counter and also reset the value back to zero

if (tireCounter == 2)


counter ++;

tireCounter = 0;


} pressure = false;

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