The Program

ZerotoStartup (Z2S) is a joint initiative between Celestica and Ryerson University that provides young people between the ages of 12 to 17 with an experiential foundation in technology and exposure to entrepreneurship. It is supported with an education that not only empowers young innovators to dream up the new companies of the future but also build the necessary skills to serve those new companies.

We envision a world in which young people have the courage, confidence and skills to take risks, embrace innovation, defy the status quo, and create their own future. This program seeks to achieve that goal by enabling youth to identify how they can successfully participate in and create a future economy where technology connects all things. By uncovering the possibilities offered by future trends in technology, the ZerotoStartup program will shape the choices youth make in pursuing post-secondary education.

What makes the Z2S curriculum truly unique is the convergence of technology and entrepreneurship training while leveraging individual and team strengths to maximize potential growth. Our curriculum is built to give students a great opportunity to also build their portfolios for specialist high schools or college/university programs.

This program is run in partnership with STEAMLabs, the Ontario Science Centre, and Talent Dynamics for Young People.

Here is a quick weekly breakdown of the content in this program:

  • Weeks 1-4: Introduction to Business, Robotics, and Fabrication Concepts
  • Week 5: Pitch Week
  • Week 6-11: Project & Presentation Building Weeks
  • Week 12: Dry-Run & Last Minute Touches
  • Week 13: Showcase

*Please see our curriculum page for more information