ZerotoStartup Week 1: Launching Sustainable Toronto

A great start to our 13 weeks! Everyone got excited exploring the technology and each of you got involved. Lots of feedback on enjoying the “hands on experience” and how “amazing” it was.

Some very compelling and simple messages came out of your canva designs on the benefits of LEDs over traditional bulbs. Messaging is critical to pitch an idea. So those of you who found that easy, you can help lead the communications of your teams product.

Canva Image 3

How could you incentivise people to buy LEDs and could technology help us measure the behaviour change?

Canva Image 2

Some of you tackled the job alone and others formed teams.  Start noticing who you need on your team that compliment your skills.

IMG_0985-low res

Self-driving cars was an interesting challenge. Everyone explored the importance of logic and sequencing. Some teams made it to Challenge 4! Lots of thought on the value of the self-driving car with an enhanced view on how much technology is involved.

IMG_0983-low res IMG_0980-low res

As we move into week 2 you will take the same hardware used to build the energy sensor and wire it up in pairs. This time though it will be to make technology that supports biking as a sustainable mode of transportation. Each week as you learn more about what tech can do, keep exploring your world and find problems to solve that would help Toronto on it’s sustainability journey. Remember you can build on any ideas you are introduced to as well.

Watch the Self Driving Car

Next week they will learn to program an Arduino microcontroller. It’s the same type they used to measure energy from various products in week 1. The hardware is the foundation of many commercial products, including bike computers made by companies like Garmin.  Our theme will be bike computers in a continued exploration of how to enable a more Sustainable Toronto!

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