ZerotoStartup Week 2: Arduino

Glad to see everyone persevere to get through Challenge 7! You can always go back online and check out the remaining challenges, especially IFTTT. I know that tweaked the interest of many.

IMG_1016-low res

Things got more interesting as each group was tasked with picking a problem related to riding bikes, developing a persona and designing a product.  While many of you picked either to solve for bike safety or bike theft, there was some variation in your solutions. Listen for those, as innovation arises when ideas collide!

IMG_1019-low res

It’s great some realized you had enough hardware knowledge to bring some of those ideas to life. For those who needed a software component, we will explore that next week. The plan for next week is to interact with the hardware via the web by learning HTML and CSS. Remember to think about what you love and puts you in flow versus what is a stretch. Look for the strengths in others to bring the ideas forward. Companies work because teams work! Those of you who are ahead on the tech, think about ideas to pitch for week 5.

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