ZerotoStartup Week 4: Garden Gnome

A fantastic week 4 as each of you worked in one of five teams to bring a product to life – CloudGarden by CloudGarden. All teams accomplished a lot, only because you all realized it’s time to divide and conquer, and yet there was more work to be done.  While listening to the presentations, many were amazed at the level of depth required in each of the groups.  “Having an idea is one thing, figuring it out is way harder”. The collaboration between teams was a great start, forcing decisions to be made. There is no failure, there are constant opportunities to change course or learn.

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While it’s not common to acknowledge each other, each of you did this fluently. Whether it’s appreciating the person who kept the team going, the leader who went between teams, or the creative minds to gather new ideas.  Finding what is great in everyone allows you to be most effective in teams and win!

Week 5 is all about pitching your ideas and forming your teams.  These will be the teams you work with to the end as you develop the business and technology of your product. We know you are looking forward to bringing your own ideas to life.


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