ZerotoStartup Weeks 5 and 6

Twelve ideas came out during pitch week! Teams and individuals pitched, demonstrating we are all different and work differently. Diversity and approach is equally valuable. Out of the twelve, five were selected and team were self formed.

As mentors and instructors we saw each of your teams begin to get on the same page about your ideas, clarifying what problem you are solving. Ideas start from one but get built out by sharing and adding from the team.

A highlight was getting each of you to acknowledge each other. Once you started talking, there was so much to be grateful for in another team player.

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Week 6 was our first week at STEAMLabs. We moved from a fancy university space to a true industrial maker space. This week you all started forming sub teams to formalize the business, define the hardware and software needs to bring your products to life. Fernando, from the City of Toronto shared his insights on each of your products, which I know to all of you was invaluable. Some teams even learned about other companies to get connected with in the same market. Each team divided and conquered differently, just like the real world!

Now we look forward to see how far you get with your products. Each team is blogging their progress, so check out the site each week.

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